Shadowsocks is a secure and lightweight socks5 proxy for embedded devices and low-end boxes, designed to protect your Internet traffic.
The benefit of Shadowsocks is that it works very well on un-stable Internet connections.
It has different versions written in C, Python and Go. I recommend the libev version written in C because it has low memory usage (around 600k) and low CPU consumption.

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Sometimes you need to lock on a specific cell tower due to bad cell conditions such as low data speed or because you need to test another nearby cell condition. I will teach you how to do that on Samsung Galaxy S6.

You need to run a secret code but Samsung has prevented you to run it from the phone Dialer, so you need to root your phone and manually execute the command.

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I had this ADSL router and it was working fine. Recently I tried to connect it to my LG Smart TV to stream media contents but my TV didn’t recognized at all!

I did some researches over the Internet, most of them was in Russian language so i decided to write this post to help international users of this device.

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