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Telegram MTProto

Is Telegram blocked in your area? Have you ever wondered how can you setup your own Telegram MTProto proxy (MTProxy) server? Learn how to install it on your Virtual Private Server (VPS).


Q: What is MTProto?

MTProto stands for ‘Mobile Telegram Protocol’. It is a protocol which Telegram is based on. It has high security compatible with high-speed delivery and reliability on weak connections.

Q: What is MTProto Proxy?

MTProto proxy is a type of proxy especially for Telegram. When you set it in your Telegram client, all data will pass through that server.

Q: How secure is it?

It just pass encrypted MTProto traffic. Server owners have no way of deciphering the data – the same as ordinary ISPs.

Q: How can I setup my own MTProto Proxy server?

All you need is a cheap Virtual Private server (VPS) with an OS such as on CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu with root access.
I suggest an OpenVZ VPS from:
RamNode 128MB OpenVZ VPS (New York) – $15/yr
– OR –
HostUs 512MB OpenVZ VPS (Amsterdam) – $18.95/yr


Login to your server shell via SSH.

Install Rust

curl -sSf | sh
source $HOME/.cargo/env

Install mtproxy package

Make sure you have already GCC compiler installed.

rustup update
cargo install mtproxy

Run mtproxy in background

Generate a random seed for proxy secret:

openssl rand -hex 15

SEED: Generated seed.
PORT: Your desired port. Default is 1984.

mtproxy --seed SEED --addr &

It will provide you a secret which is needed on the client side.
If you have a firewall on your server, you may need to open that port.

Configure Your Telegram Client Quickly

All you need is to put your own server IP, port and secret in below link:

Make sure you have the latest version of Telegram client on your device.

Need someone do it for you? Contact me and I would be glad to help!